The Best Cigar Humidor Brands

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There’s nothing sexier or more relaxing than a quality cigar. A cigar speaks distinguished, collective and dignified. If you’ve ever purchased a name brand cigar, you know they can be quite pricey; the higher the grade, the more green you spend on them. Why waste all of your hard-earned money purchasing the finest cigars, only to find that they’ve become stale because you didn’t use them quick enough?A cigar humidor is a dedicated room or specialty box that is used to properly store cigars; the ideal humidor will maintain at least seventy percent humidity level and store them at a sixty-five to seventy degree temperature, ensuring that the pipe tobacco will be fresh the next time you take it out to puff on it! If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best cigar humidor brands available?” before then you have definitely come to the right place! A variety of humidors are available, ranging from price, size and shape; you can purchase solid wooden one or purchase ones with a glass beveled top, according to preference. This list discusses the top cigar humidor brands, including: Remington, Harley Davidson, Thompson, Bally, Liebherr, Statesman, Elie Bleu, Davidoff and Aristocrat. Please vote on your favorite one today!
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