The Best Cincinnati Bengals of All Time

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This is a list of the best Cincinnati Bengals of all time. Formed by legendary coach Paul Brown, the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most up-and-down histories in the NFL. The team has seen it's fair share of great players, but because of bad luck, injuries or head cases, the Bengals haven't been able to win a Super Bowl championship. Some of the top players in Bengals history have been on their two AFC winning teams. But in the Super Bowl, the Bengals fell short, each time to the San Francisco 49ers. Even when the Bengals have been bad, it hasn't been for the team's lack of talent. 

The Bengals have been a proverbial sink or swim team. When they've been great, their best players helped carry them. In 1988, the Bengals last Super Bowl team, the league's MVP was quarterback Boomer Esiason. Considered one of the great Bengals, Esasion led the team to several playoff berths during his time in Cincinnati. More recently, Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and Carson Palmer are two of the best Bengals respectively, helped lead the team to the playoffs. If not for an injury to Palmer in the 2005 playoffs, that Bengals team may have gone much farther. One of the greatest players though is offensive tackle Anthony Munoz. He is the only Bengal in the Hall of Fame is considered one of the best left tackles in NFL history.

You may have heard of some of these Bengals players because of Hard Knocks episodes, but this of Cincinnati Bengals should only include the best players in franchise history. If you notice a player missing, please feel free to add him to this list. Vote or rerank the list to how you think it should look, then head over and check out the top Bengals kickers ever and best Bengals tight ends.

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