20 Still Shots from Movies That Are Pretty Much Works of Art

Filmmaking is all about the moving image: the power of 24, 30, 60, or even 100 images flashing by the human eye per second. The number of single images we see per minute is staggering much less in the 90-180 minutes throughout the runtime of an entire film. Great cinematography brings us these images, and though you might not know their names, film cinematographers are arguably the most important people on a movie set, bringing these images to life. Over the course of film history, there have been some still frames from movies that are truly works of art in their own right.

With a great cinematographer each of these images is carefully composed. Each beam of light, every color, and every movement are all particularly assembled in just the right frame. Many of these film still frames are so pretty that grabbing just 1/24th of a second of film could yield an image as stunning as a painting.

These are those images. These are the best, most staggering, most beautiful and artistic movie stills in the history of movies and cinematography. Hollywood might be all glitz and glamor, but these cinematography images from iconic movie scenes prove that movies are truly pieces of art. Vote up the best film stills and iconic movie images below!