The Best Cîroc Vodka Flavors, Ranked

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List of every Cîroc Vodka flavor in the world, including discontinued and regional varieties. Vote up your favorite type of CÎROC.

Vodka is a must-have for any well-stocked liquor cabinet, and Cîroc might just become your go-to brand thanks to its wide selection of flavors. The best Cîroc flavors come in many forms. Some delicious types of Cîroc Vodka are fruity, while other popular varieties let the natural ingredients take the spotlight.

What flavors will you find on this list of the top types of Cîroc Vodka? Red Berry is made for mixing; Cîroc recommends combining it with a touch of mango vodka and champagne for a bubbly drink. Amaretto Cîroc is another delicious flavored vodka. Cîroc Ten was created especially to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand. Other good Cîroc Vodka flavors featured on this list include Peach Cîroc, Apple Cîroc, and Pineapple Cîroc.

Which flavor of Cîroc Vodka is your favorite? Vote the best options up to the top of this list and share some of your go-to cocktail recipes in the comments section.


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