The Best Cities for a Bachelorette Party

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List of top cities for a bachelorette party. What are the best cities to throw a bachelorette party? Whether it's getting wild in Las Vegas, enjoying Nashville's nightlife or watching the sunset in Sedona, this list ranks the most popular cities to have a bachelorette party.

Typically, bachelorette parties are held in celebration of a bride's upcoming marriage. Though bachelorette parties have a reputation as being the bride's farewell to single life involving a night of hard partying, lost inhibitions and hungover mornings, today bachelorette parties are simply celebrations honoring brides. Those parties can range from the typical girls night out to a quiet retreat or daytime luncheon at a variety of locations. There are many great locations to host a bachelorette party, whether the group would rather enjoy an extravagant affair or a relaxed evening. 

One of the top cities for bachelorette parties is Las Vegas, the city of sin. Many bachelorette parties jet to the neon city because of the 24-hour nightlife, clubs, casino and cuisine. Miami is also among one the best cities for bachelorette parties because of the beach culture and sexy nightlife. Many bachelorette parties are a celebration of sexual freedom which includes scandalous outfits and even more scandalous stories.

If having a wild night out isn't your idea of the perfect bachelorette party, Charleston and Vail are popular choices for a classy, traditional evening with your girlfriends. Wine lovers might be interested in hosting a party in wine county of Napa, and ladies looking for a shopping adventure to ring in the newly married life might resort to New York City or Los Angeles. Nashville is also an increasingly popular city of bachelorette parties focused around live music and good food. 

What are the most popular cities to host a bachelorette party? Use this list to rank the best cities for bachelorette parties.   

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