The Best Cities For African Americans

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US cities with large African American populations that have welcoming and thriving Black communities.


If you are looking for a new city to relocate your family to or just start over by yourself, this list of the best cities and towns for African American people to live will help you determine which cities are best overall for African Americans? Before packing up all of your worldly belongings into a U-Haul and heading out on the road, you should find out which cities are best for the needs of African American people. The cities on this list are highly populated by other African American people, so there are strong communities filled with the types of amenities that any family could need.

These places also cover some of the most essential aspects of finding a great place to live for African Americans and Black families. There are a high percentage of Black college graduates in some of these cities, so the universities have a history of being positive for African Americans. These cities also have good public education, a strong cultural community, affordable housing, and a great employment record.

You may want to leave your old life behind for the warm community of New Orleans or the strong educational system of Dallas. This list includes all of the best cities for all types of purposes for African Americans. Do you live in one of these cities? Help determine the top cities for African Americans by voting on the list below!


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