The Best US Cities for Live Music

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Vote up any American city that is great for fans who want to check out new and live music.

Looking to plan a vacation with an unforgettable soundtrack? Consider visiting one of these locales – they're the best American cities for live music. No matter what type of tunes you prefer, you'll find your dream destination here. Some great U.S. cities for live music lovers have produced popular country artists, while other good cities for concerts are known for their talented rappers. All of these great US cities for concert goers offer plenty of sightseeing in addition to shows.

What areas will you find on this list of the top U.S. cities for live music? Home to the Grande Ole Opry, the CMA Music Festival, and Jack White's Third Man Records, Nashville has become the epicenter for live country music. Gregg Allman, Blake Shelton, and Martina McBride are just a few of the artists who have called Nashville home. New Orleans is another great city for live music, particularly jazz. Chicago is known for the blues, but the city has also produced such talented artists as Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Other destinations featured on this list include New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Which city do you consider tops when it comes to live music? Vote the best live music cities up to the top of the list, and share some of your favorite shows in the comments section.

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