The Best Cities For Millennials

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For Millennials, traditional cities don't have the allure they used to have. Monster metropolises cost a fortune and have become playgrounds for the rich and famous. Thus, the younger generation, instead of moving home, have decided to put down roots in cheaper, burgeoning locales that stretches their hard earned dollars. While they still will live in places like New York City and Chicago, and even California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, Millennials tend to favor smaller cities in places where rent or owning a home won't cost them their first born.

Plenty of Southern and Western cities make this list of the best cities for Millennials. They seem to be moving to places that are affordable, have vibrant cultural scenes and promising job markets. Add that to the cheap land and proximity for traveling to other cities, and you have the formula to why Millennials rank the cities on this list in the way they do.

Most divisive: Boise
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