The Best Cities for Musicians

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Top U.S. cities to start and nurture a music career

List of the best cities for musicians. Many of the best contemporary and classic musical artists in the United States got their start in cities with music at the center of their culture. Whether you’re a veteran guitar player with years of gigs under your belt or an up and coming jazz singer with a distinctive voice, there’s a city that is designed for your particular musical talents and preferences. If you’ve ever speculated “what is the best city for musicians and music lovers?” this list is perfect for you.

These cities have a strong history of foster talent like Kurt Cobain in Seattle and one of the founders of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry,in St. Louis. Whether you’re interested in the beginnings of Gospel music in Chicago or want to be involved in the Latin sound of San Antonio, there’s a city that matches your particular tastes. These cities house thousands of musical venues, from large stadiums to intimate clubs, recording studios at every corner, and producers who are constantly in search of the next big thing.

This list covers the top cities in the United States for people who have music in their blood. Those who are most passionate about music, from country to punk rock, often find themselves migrating to one of these musical states to make their dreams come true. 

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