The Best Cities for Single Men

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Top U.S. cities for bachelors young and old

List of the best cities for single men. Life is different for men who are without the responsibility of a wife and children to consider,so it stands to reason that their needs out of a place of residence are much different as well. The differences between cities designed for singles and family men are astounding. Towns that are perfect for single men have far more bars, gyms, shops, restaurants, and public transportation. The cities on this list are the answer to the head-scratching question, “Where is it best to live as a single man?”

Among the factors involved in a city being perfect for single men is average income for a young professional, living costs, and the price of a nice date night. Metropolitan cities like New York and Indianapolis are often filled with single men because the layout is friendlier for walking and public transit than a minivan. These sorts of cities also have good employment rates for single men and plenty of nightlife activity.

This list compiles the best cities in the United States for men whose main concern is their own happiness, health, and success. If you’re a single man looking for a lifestyle of fun nightlife, affordable living, and close proximity to anything you need, these cities are right for you.

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