The Best Cities for Single Women

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Top U.S. city list for unmarried girls and women

List of the top cities for single women. Single living for women is vastly different than for women who have the obligations of family.Therefore, single women have very different requirements for city living. Cities that were designed for the success of single women have plenty of career prospects, opportunities to engage in a plethora of hobbies, an entertaining singles nightlife, and affordable living. If you’ve ever wondered “where should I move to have a successful life as a single woman?” this list holds the answers.

The cities on this list have high well being scores, low average prices for a night out with a dinner and movie, great median salaries for single women, and easy access to everything a single person could need,like gyms, restaurants, and bars. Many of these cities have a high percentage of single people, women and men alike. Often the cities on these lists are metropolitan or cities just a few miles outside of metro cities because these locations are built for easy public transportation and walk-ability.

This list holds the top cities in America where single women prosper every day, due to the opportunities and resources available. If you’re a single women in need of a living space where everything you can ever need,from strong employment possibilities to a lively nightlife, these cities are for you. 

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