The Best Cities to Party in for New Years Eve

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While the most famous cities for New Years Eve parties (like New York City and Boston) get the majority of the press, there are NYE celebrations and parties the world over! If you've got the money and means to travel, you could ring in the New Year in a different place every year.

Literally any place where there are people, there's a New Year's Eve party somewhere nearby (in other words, don't expect to party in Antarctica any time soon; the penguins there just don't care). You can party in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, Dubai, Russia, Japan, Australia, and anywhere else your heart desires. Of course, whether you find somebody to kiss in each of these places is entirely on you -- we're simply here to point out the great places you can party on NYE.

For our money, these are the 50 best cities you can party in for New Year's Eve. They're all beautiful, flashy, extravagant and will guarantee a good time. Vote on your favorite NYE party cities, and feel free to add in any cities you deem worthy. After all, there are more than 50 cities in the world that hold New Year's Eve parties. If we neglected to add your favorite city, feel free to do so and the vote it straight to the top.

And after you're done voting for your favorite city to party in for New Year's Eve, book your ticket to get there in time, and make this the greatest New Year's Eve party of all time! Until next year anyway.
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