The Very Best Citrus Fruits

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Some are sweet, some are sour, and some have a flavor that's wholly unique. The taste of citrus fruits has been a part of humans' diet since ancient times. Some of these delicious citrus fruits are eaten fresh while other popular citrus fruits taste best sprinkled with a healthy spoonful of sugar. Many good citrus fruits add a bright flavor to juices, sorbets, and pies.

What citrus fruit should be named the best? Full of flavor and vitamin C, the orange might be your top choice. This fruit is a sweet and delicious snack, or it can be juiced to be combined with other foods for a balanced breakfast. Grapefruit is another great citrus fruit to eat first thing in the morning before heading off on a busy day. Lemons and limes are a bit too tart to enjoy on their own, but their acidic juice adds a delectable tang to desserts and refreshing drinks. But those are just your garden-variety citrus fruits. How do you feel about kumquats and finger limes? Or maybe the buddha's hand is your favorite citrus.

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