The Best Clarinetists in the World

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Living clarinetists only.
A member of the woodwind instruments, the clarinet is an extremely common instrument in orchestras, and also common among many different genres of music, including contemporary, jazz, and blues. The clarinet produces a crystal clear, rich sound and is perfectly paired with many other instruments as well. Who are the best clarinetists in the world? The musicians on this list are considered the best clarinet players today.
From new world to classical, jazz and blues to swing and contemporary, this list features the best clarinetists in the world. Whether you recognize these musicians or not, they've all carved a place out for themselves in the music business and have become influential and prominent figures in the industry. If you love geeking out on music, we definitely recommend finding some of their music. 
This list features the world’s best clarinetists, and is waiting to be voted on and reranked by you. Vote up the best clarinet players below or add a musician you think is great on the clarinet.
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