The Best Classic Horror Movies

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Any good old horror films recognized as classics

The best classic horror movies have stood the test of time as not only being the greatest horror films in history but some of the greatest works of cinema the world has ever seen. From generational psychological thrillers like Silence of the Lambs and The Shining to sadistic slashers like Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to masochistic monster movies like The Thing and Alien, each and every film on this list simultaneously represents the best and most important films in the history of horror. 

These great classic horror movies are a must-watch for anyone who loves a good scare, and for the film buff, they can learn all the tricks of the trade that have made the horror genre one of the most lucrative and influential genres cinema has to offer. These classic horror masterpieces span nearly 100 years of cinema and chart out in 1997.

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