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The Best Incense For Purification

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The best incense for cleansing and purifying your space includes some of the most traditional scents like frankincense, sage, and palo santo. There are also incense blends to burn for positive energy or when you need to feel like you're healing and cleansing a space of negative energy. Not only are the traditional scents of cleansing incense invigorating, but watching the smoke disperse into the air adds to the effect.

Cleansing incense often comes in bundles, cones, and sticks that you light directly to release the scent almost immediately. Purifying bundles dispense the most smoke, which easily fills a space with its cleansing scent. Most traditional cleansing incense is non-combustible, which is indirectly burned, are often resins like frankincense and copal that are heated until their aromatic oils are released into the air. Some of the scents do more than cleanse, they are also used to invite in positive energy.

Check out this list of the most popular incense used for cleansing and vote up the best incense to burn for purification. Then, see what crystals and gemstones for purification you can use to assist in cleansing.