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The Best Cleveland Browns Coaches of All Time

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Throughout their time as a football franchise, the Cleveland Browns have had a variety of coaches, but who is the best Cleveland Browns head coach of all time? We want you to help us answer that question by voting for your favorite Cleveland Browns coaches, keeping stats like Super Bowl wins and playoff runs in mind.
The Browns first coach, Paul Brown, is the only Cleveland head coach to have been inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame as a coach. He won 3 NFL Championships with the team, which was of course before the NFL and AFL merged.
Unfortunately the Browns haven't made the playoffs in the last 10 seasons, with the last appearance being in 2004 under head coach Butch Davis. The head coaches of Cleveland have had very short life spans recently, and is currently coached by Mike Pettine.
If the Cleveland Browns had a best of all time team, who would coach it? Vote for your favorites below, even  if the coach never won a championship with the Cleveland Browns.
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