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The Greatest Club Drag Queens

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Drag queens have to learn on the job. Some do it through the pageant circuit, others win the audience over with comedy, and some do it in nightclubs. Drag shows are a huge part of drag culture, and are often people's first introduction to drag. 

On the club scene, you've got the advantage of alcohol working as a social lubricant. Club queens don't necessarily have to be funny either. The central focus of the best club drag queens is to simply look sickening. Oh, and not to trip in those heels...

Each of these famous club drag queens bring something different to the table. Some are famous female impersonators like Chad Michaels (who takes on Cher) or Derrick Barry (who impersonates Britney Spears). Others take the eleganza super model approach, like RuPaul and Courtney Act. And then there's Vivacious and her dear friend Ornacia, who take drag to a whole new place as an art form.

Which queen should hold the crown as the best club drag queen of all time? Vote up the most sickening club queens ever!

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