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The Best Club Soda Brands

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This list has the absolute best club sodas, as ranked by the community. What are the absolute best club soda types out there? This list features the most popular brands of club soda worldwide. Whether for mixing or drinking straight, club soda is an incredibly popular beverage and is produced by many different brands.

This list has the best club sodas out there and has been ranked as the best. Vote up the seltzer water brands you always reach for or add a club soda that isn't already on the list, but you know is truly the best.

This list features the world’s best club soda brands including Schweppe’s, Canada Dry, Seagram’s, La Croix, Panna, Pellegrino, Perrier, Voss, Hansen’s, Shasta, Everess, Squirt, Moxie, Sparkling Ice, Talking Rain, Poland Springs and Crystal Geiser. Vote up the best kinds of club soda below.