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Famous Fictional Clubs You Most Wish You Could Join

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You might have been involved in an after-club school while growing up. Maybe you were into photography, or perhaps you were in band. Maybe you watched anime, or took up chess. While these can be fun, don't you sometimes wish there was something... more? Like a club where you can magically duel with one another, or join a secret underground revolution. Sure, these places don't really exist, but novels can take us to some wondrous places. It's no wonder that there are some fictional clubs you just wish were real.

Now, these literary clubs aren't always perfect. Sometimes they cost a lot of money, or there's a crazy hard vetting process. Maybe you need to risk life and limb, but for many of these, you definitely wish you had the chance. Sometimes they're called a secret society, or a shadow organization, or a well-to-do private group. But no matter what it's called, are you really going to miss out on being in the same club that's frequented by James Bond? We didn't think so.

Which clubs in books do you really wish you could join? You can pick from the list we've come up with and see what others have said, too. And hey, don't be sad that none of these are real. There's always chess club.
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    Magic duels, useful combat spells, protective arts, and community are what these organizations in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels offer. I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to do magic, especially in the name of a school and society you love so much? Whether it's the older, much more vicious Order of the Phoenix fighting against the dark lord, or the newer and often more fun Dumbledore's Army, these clubs are ones most readers really wish they could have been joined.
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    This one might be violent, but this club in Chuck Palahniuk's book is one you might have an urge to join on your more stressful days. Okay, so maybe not the later, anarchy-driven Fight Club. But what about in the earlier parts, when the focus of the club is on fighting the hell out of each other, the release of pressure, belonging, and not holding back? There's definitely an appeal to being a part of this underground organization. Well, as long as you don't talk about it too much...
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  • Though this club was thrown together somewhat accidentally, it's hard to deny that it would be tons of fun to be a part of it. The Animorphs consist of teenagers who were given the ability to shape-shift into any animal they touch. They then work together to try to keep the world safe from alien races. The one downfall is that they cannot remain in the shape too long, or they will become that animal as their regular form permanently. But come on, fighting aliens and turning into wolves and birds? Totally a cool group to be a part of. 
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    If you read these books growing up, it might have felt like you actually were a part of this club. In the books, tween girls deal with serious issues such as divorce, school drama, and even sickness, like many young girls do. But they always have each other, no matter what. To have that tight-knit group to fall back on, to help you when you're in distress? That's a pretty cool thing to be involved with. 
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