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Ranking The Best 'Cobra Kai' Characters

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List RulesRecurring Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai characters only.

While both Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai have their fair share of star students, who do you think is the best Cobra Kai character on the show?

As one of the earliest (and most popular) YouTube Platinum shows, Cobra Kai has earned a sort of dedicated following. Premiering in 2018, the show takes place 34 years after that fateful All-Valley Karate Tournament (you know the one we're talking about), where a washed-up Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) decides to turn his life around by opening his own dojo. 

Because most of the original Karate Kid cast returning for either recurring or leading roles, it's no surprise that these characters have become such a hit (so much so that the entire first two seasons are now available on Netflix). That's why we're ranking the best characters from the show, with actor names and mini-bios for each. 

Whether you see yourself more of a Team LaRusso fan or you prefer the offensive-first attitude of Team Lawrence, vote up all your favorite Cobra Kai characters, and vote down all the actors and roles you'd rather not see return for the new season.


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    Johnny Lawrence

    The best defense is more offense.

    Played by: William Zabka

    Affiliation: Cobra Kai

    Season: 1 and 2

    • Appears In: The Karate Kid, Part II, The Karate Kid
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    Miguel Diaz

    Yeah, it all happened so fast. Everything just came together. I was blocking. I anticipated. I slithered.

    Played by: Xolo Maridueña

    Affiliation: Cobra Kai

    Season: 1 and 2

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      Alright, let me let you in on a little secret. It's not just a haircut or the back tattoo. It's a way of life, man. You just gotta feel the energy and just live in the moment, you know?

      Played by: Jacob Bertrand

      Affiliation: Cobra Kai

      Season: 1 and 2

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        You know, the thing about stingrays is, they lie and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike!

        Played by: Paul Walter Hauser

        Affiliation: Cobra Kai

        Season: 2

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