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The Best Colbie Caillat Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best Colbie Caillat albums of all time. One of the most popular ukulele players, Colbie Caillat's discography features two Grammy Awards, one for her "Lucky" collaboration with Jason Mraz. What is the greatest Colbie Caillat album ever?

From her debut album Coco to her 2016 album The Malibu Sessions, this list of Colbie Caillat albums also includes Breakthrough, All of You, and Gypsy Heart.

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  • Gypsy Heart
    Photo: Republic

    Gypsy Heart

    1. Live It Up
    2. Blaze
    3. If You Love Me Let Me Go
    4. Try
    5. Never Gonna Let You Down
    6. Land Called Far Away
    7. Nice Guys
    8. Floodgates
    9. Just Like That
    10. Break Free
    11. Never Getting Over You
    12. Bigger Love

    • Release Date: 2014
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  • The Malibu Sessions
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    The Malibu Sessions

    1. Gypsy Heart
    2. Goldmine
    3. Cruisin'
    4. Like Tomorrow Never Comes
    5. Only You
    6. Good Thing
    7. Runnin'
    8. Never Got Away
    9. Don't Wanna Love You
    10. In Love Again
    11. Now

    • Release Date: 2016
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