The Best Collections of Short Stories

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Anthologies and edited collections of short fiction

List of the best collections of short stories with most written by one author or stories edited into a compilation that have the same theme. The list is categorized by the first publication date for these short story collections.

 This list asks, “What is the best collection of short stories?” with authors ranging from all time periods and covering various topics. Authors included are James Joyce, Anton Chekhov, David Sedaris, Stephen King and many more. Some authors show up on the list multiple times, so be sure to vote on the author’s work and not just the author themselves. These short story collections will be ordered depending on their ranking by voters.

Short stories have started to become more popular as the internet has given more opportunities for creativity and exposure through digital options. Short stories and the collections of them can be more popular as readers are busier and only have time to devote to a short story instead of a novel.

If your favorite short story collection does not appear on the list to vote on then be sure to add it to the list so that other readers can share their opinion on whether it is the best by voting on it.
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