The Best College Football Wide Receivers of All Time

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Football players at the wide receiver position who had epic college careers

American College football, like all football originated as rugby in England and Canada, eventually rugby came stateside, then eventually became the game we know and love today. Years later the NCAA was formed to regulate college teams. The wide receivers on this list were the best of the best in NCAA football during their college careers.

The NCAA allows students from American universities, colleges, Canadian universities, or military academies to play. American college football has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, but it was actually through college football that the American football rules gained popularity in the first place.

The wide receivers are key players in almost all passing plays. Their prime directive is to catch passes from the quarterback and as such they are usually the fastest, most agile players in the game.

Below, we commemorate the greatest college wide receivers of ALL TIME! If you see a name missing feel free to add it and vote up your favorite wide receivers who had truly incredible college careers.
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