The Best College Marching Bands

Forget everything you think you know about college marching bands. Today, the best college marching bands do not simply perform generic halftime shows and make noise during big football plays. The modern football fan gets treated to elaborate halftime performances with highly stylized choreographed routines that sometimes even trump the actual game.

US college marching bands have been around for well over 100 years. The traditional marching band features woodwind, brass, and percussion. Most collegiate marching bands wear coordinating military-style uniforms with the logo/name of their college. Several marching bands also use flags, rifles, or some other kind of prop in their routines. 

Check out some amazing performances by the best collegiate marching bands in the country. Members practice 20 maybe even 30 hours a week, and not only perform at games, but also compete in national competitions. Which are the best college marching bands? Make your voice heard and vote for your favorites.

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  • Ohio State University Marching Band

    Ohio State University Marching Band

    413 votes

    College: The Ohio State University

    Founded: 1878

  • Purdue All-American Marching Band

    Purdue All-American Marching Band

    145 votes

    College: Purdue University

    Founded: 1886

  • Marching Chiefs

    Marching Chiefs

    133 votes

    College: Florida State University

    Founded: 1939


  • Sonic Boom of the South

    Sonic Boom of the South

    243 votes

    College: Jackson State University

    Founded: 1940s

  • Marching Southerners

    Marching Southerners

    92 votes

    College: Jacksonville State University

    Founded: 1956

  • University of California Marching Band

    University of California Marching Band

    121 votes

    College: University of California, Berkeley

    Founded: 1891