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The Steamiest College Romance Novels Ever

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Here are the best college romance books, ranked by readers everywhere. Featuring the new college romance novels of 2019 and best-selling classics, this list of the most popular college romance books includes fan-favorites from authors, like Nicole Snow, Sariah Wilson, and Crystal Kaswell. 

College romance books typically feature summer flings, college sports relationships, and the new college girl falling for the bad guy. Despite using common tropes, the top college romance bestsellers offer something for everyone, so you'll be flipping through the pages in no time. Vote up the must-read college romance novels.

  • 1

    The Help: A High School Bully Romance (Kings of Linwood Academy Book 1)

    Callie Rose

    A young woman's mother moves her across the country to work as a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy man. Now enrolled in the prep academy the man's son attends, the woman must keep the secrets of her new town while everyone simply thinks of her as the help.

  • 2

    Awakening (a Dark Mafia Romance Book 2)

    Stasia Black

    The naive Cora can't get enough of the brooding Marcus. But when a rival mob tries to take Marcus' empire away from him, Marcus realizes that he is the danger Cora is trying to escape.

  • 3

    The Baby Bargain

    Crystal Kaswell

    Ariel, a geeky grad student approaches her brother's best friend, Chase, and asks him to get her pregnant - the old fashioned way. But while Chase has looked out for Ariel since they were kids and doesn't think it's a good idea, he sure as hell isn't going to let her find someone else to do it. 

  • 4

    Pretty Reckless

    L.J. Shen

    Four years ago rich-girl Daria crushed the heart of poor-boy Penn. But now he's her foster brother and he plans on serving dish after dish of revenge.

  • 5

    The Friend Zone (End of the Line Book 1)

    Sariah Wilson

    Logan Hunt is a star quarterback on his way to the NFL until his bad temper sends him to End of the Line College. Now he has to follow the rules, but then he meets the coach's daughter, Jess.

  • 6

    Accidental Knight: A Marriage Mistake Romance

    Nicole Snow

    When a woman's grandfather dies, she inherits a huge fortune, a gorgeous ranch, and a beautiful horse. The only problem... The will makes it clear that she must marry a brooding man if she wants to collect her riches. 

  • 7

    Cruel Intentions: A Dark High School Bully Romance

    Siobhan Davis

    A feisty girl attempts to navigate Rydeville High as two elite groups face a power struggle. When she tries to bring the system to its knees, her life hangs in the balance, but she's not going down without a fight. 

  • 8

    In the Arms of the Elite: A High School Bully Romance (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep Book 4)

    C.M. Stunich

    Marnye Elizabeth Reed is the school charity case, but as her time at Burberry Prep is ending she much choose between the rich boys that love her once and for all.

  • 9

    Bad Influence

    Charleigh Rose

    When Allie moves ro River's Edge, she meets Jesse, the star athlete. They quickly fall in love, but that's when she discovers that she's slammed headfirst into his sea of lies.

  • 10

    Dearest Biker MC The Complete Series Box Set

    Blair Grey

    A group of former SEALS join a motorcycle club as women compete for their affections. Following the exploits of Zach, Nathan, Adam, Spencer, and Aaron, these five novels are filled with happily ever afters.

  • 11

    Accidental Baby Daddy (My Baby Daddy Book 3)

    B. B. Hamel

    Ellis Ward is a playboy billionaire who takes what he wants. But when he gets his employee preganant, the rugged alpha-male must be kept in the dark about the baby or else its mother may lose her dream job for good.

  • 12

    Kickin' It (Red Card Book 2)

    Rachel Van Dyken

    Successful, high-profile sports agent Matt Kingston thinks he can handle anything and anyone. Then Parker Speedman, a gorgeous and talented hothead soccer player, shows up at his door.

  • 13

    Jock Blocked

    Jenika Snow

    The star quarterback can have any girl he wants, except he wants Stella, the girl he kept in the friend zone. As he shuns away every other girl, he soon comes up with a plan to make Stella his.

  • 14

    The Hot SEAL Complete Series Box Set

    Lexi Wilson

    Featuring Billionaire SEAL, Cowboy SEAL, and SEAL's Small Town Girl, this box set features SEALs stumbling their way into true love.

  • 15

    Royals of Villain Academy 2: Vile Sorcery

    Eva Chase

    Rory’s battle to survive Villain Academ, where she has just enrolled as a dark mage, has only just begun. Vicious treachery, allies, passion, and heartbreak await as she stumbles her way through the halls, trying to determine her allies and lovers once and for all.

  • 16

    Game On: A High School Bully Romance (The Ballers of Rockport High Book 1)

    E. M. Moore

    A girl that plays basketball as well as the Ballers - the best players at Rockport High - is hated as soon as she steps foot in the school. But her intention to make it onto the boys' team is a journey filled with bullying and romance. 

  • 17

    Alpha's Nanny: Bears of the Wild

    Lola Gabriel

    Ash is a powerful alpha of a bear shifter pack, and his two-year-old daughter is his life. But when he hires Easton, a human nanny to take care of her, he soon falls in love and enters into a romance that makes the entire pack unhappy.

  • 18

    Pretty Scars

    CD Reiss

    Carrie has a tragic past filled with remorse for the man she loved that was ripped away from her. But one night a mysterious musician plays a song that takes her back to that past and makes her relive the precise story of the boy she once loved.

  • 19

    Boys That Tease: A Bully Romance (Lords Of Wildwood Book 1)

    Betti Rosewood

    Tinsley is the new girl at Wildwood, and Crispin is the lacrosse god that all the girls drool over, except Tinsley. As payback, Crispin decides to make her life hell, but the only ptoblem is that he's falling in love with her, all while dating her best friend.

  • 20

    RICH SOLDIER (The Dirty Thirty Pledge Book 2)

    Penny Wylder

    When a billionaire soldier decides he'll do whatever it takes to reclaim the woman he loves and make her his wife, he has to take a new pledge. Ignoring the rules of the Dirty Thirty - that is to sleep with thirty women a year - he vows to not cheat on the woman of his dreams and to get her back at all costs. 

  • 21

    What Happens in Vegas - A Reverse Harem Romance

    Krista Wolf

    Lauren recieves a flyer in Vegas promising two college-aged best friends to fulfil her fantasies. When she calls the number and meets Brody and Corey, she finds herself on the wildest week of her life as she's shared and spoiled by three hunks willing to pleasure her however possible.

  • 22

    Devil's Bargain

    Natasha Knight

    When a woman owes a man a debt, they agree to one night in his bed with his rules. But when everything changes that night and the rules are broken, the man can't keep his end of the bargain, and he becomes unable to walk away. 

  • 23

    The Veil Diaries: Behind The Veil

    B.L. Brunnemer

    A collection of POVs and scenes never before included in The Veil Diaries, as written on the exclusive FaceBook group.

  • 24

    First Time His

    Kai Lesy

    Dom is the broken boy next door, and Em was his first love. So when Em returns to her small town and reunites with Dom, the secrets of the town are drawn out as the one person she can't let go of intertwines himself into her life for good.

  • 25

    A Single Touch (Irresistible Attraction Book 3)

    W. Winters

    Jase and Beth passed by each other with a single glance and the rest was history. Beth knew Jase would be her downfall, and she knew she would be his just the same.