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The Best Colleges for Architecture

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List of the best colleges for architecture. Are you the next Frank Lloyd Wright? Will you be designing the next great museum -- or will there one day be a museum dedicated to your designs? An education at one of these architecture schools might be your ticket. These are the best architecture colleges, ranked on this page in accordance with the best architectural programs for undergrads. Before you get your Master's degree and intern at some swanky architecture firm, students better major as undergraduate collegiate at one of these schools. If you are approaching your senior year of high school, your mind might be on your senior year of college -- in which case, you're asking "what are the best architecture schools I can apply to?" There's no cost -- oh wait, there is an application fee -- to fill out that Common App for the best colleges for architects. Go to USC and explore the SoCal architectural design of the urban world. Or attend Notre Dame and sketch the gorgeous cathedrals and landscaping of rural Indiana. What is so awesome about these architectural colleges is that undergrads will not only be able to study in the classroom, but also walking around the campus should provide an education in itself. Each of these universities are located in some of the greatest cities in the worlds.