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The Best Colleges for English Majors

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List of the best colleges for English majors, ranked by students and experts in the field. Readers and writers can gather around this list to pick the best school for them to apply to. This list ranks the best English schools that are the top-tier education institutions for people who want to be writers or who simply wish to study the classic books of world history. You might not end up with a textbook for one of these courses, but you will end up with a ton of reading to do.

A B.A. in English is not as silly as some folks make it sound (or some Broadway musicals thanks to the "Avenue Q" song, "What Do You Do With A B.A. in English?") -- and some businesspeople even like to hire individuals with such a degree. Why? Some believe that English majors, merely through the not-so-mere act of declaring such a major, are bold in doing so -- and that they have an intellectual curiosity that will last a lifetime.

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