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The Best Colleges for Finance

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List of the best colleges for finance. The best schools with programs and degrees in finance have been ranked here on this page. Feel free to vote on, or re-rank, these colleges and form your own list of the cream of the crop. Usually when you hear "college" and "finance" in the same sentence, it is about the finances you will need to manage to afford going to school. But with a degree in finance, those loans might very soon pay off. These academic degrees are awarded to students who work hard at colleges like these, which hopefully lead to an entry-level position at an accounting firm or a bank. These finance schools shell out today's hottest financial advisors, credit analysts, loan officers, and investment bankers. A good finance major at one of these top schools will learn and master the worlds of commercial banking, money managing, and insurance at a time when the whole world could use some more education on the subjects.