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The Best Colleges for Forensic Science

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List of the best colleges for forensic science. The top schools to study forensic science are ranked here for prospective freshmen and parents to find the top college in the field. All of these universities listed will prepare a student to become a forensic scientist or get any job, and likely a great job, in this particular discipline. And on the note of discipline, there are many categorizations within the overall field of forensics. Veterinary Forensic Sciences, Forensic Serology, Forensic Drug Chemistry, Forensic Death Investigation, and Forensic Toxicology are all different areas with things to be discovered and job opportunities to be had. Speaking of opportunities, forensics majors can take their skills to study the physiological sciences (bloodstain pattern analysis, for example), social sciences (like forensic psychology) and, in these modern times, digital forensics (ie. mobile device forensics). Students at these top forensic science schools will learn applied statistics for data analysis as well as the principles of forensic science.