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The Best Colorado Rockies Managers of All Time

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The Colorado Rockies have only had a handful of managers since forming in the '90s, but the question still stands: who is the best Colorado Rockies manager of all time? This list ranks every Colorado Rockies manager from best to worst based on votes for baseball fanatics. So vote up your top Colorado Rockies managers to determine the greatest skipper in franchise history.

Clint Hurdle lead the Rockies to their first and only World Series appearance in 2007. He also leads the franchise in all time wins with 534. Don Baylor served as the first manager of the Colorado Rockies. In his six seasons overseeing the team, the Rockies qualified for the playoffs just once.

Who is the greatest Colorado Rockies skipper of all time? Vote up the winningest Colorado Rockies managers, keeping in mind statistics in the regular season and playoff statistics. Or just vote for the Rockies manager you like the most! See if any of them made the cut on the best MLB managers of all time list, too.