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Matt Grippi
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There's nothing more fun than a well-made gif and combined gifs are some of the best on the whole Internet (or maybe you call them combination gifs, who knows!). When you need a little pick me up in the middle of the workday, to make you smile and maybe even laugh (!!!), one of these funny combination gifs, that mashup multiple gifs for even more entertainment, is probably just what you need.

There are many types of gifs in the world, but combined gifs (a set of two unrelated gifs that come together to make jokes and hilarity) are extra fun. Want to know what Laura Dern was reallllllly looking at in that scene from Jurassic Park? Now you can! Congratulations! Want to know how to combine gifs? It's a real mystery and you'll have to find the answer somewhere else. This list is just for the finished project.

It's definitely easier to see it than to read about it, so check out this list of the best combined gifs of all time; they're hilarious! They will also inspire you to think deeper about how two totally diverse things can relate to one another. Vote up the best combined gifs below and, yes, there is probably one with a cat in it, don't worry.
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Always Use Your Powers for Good

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HERE! Take It!

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Not a Strong Ceiling

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Welcome to Jurassic... Whatever This Is

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