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The Best Comedy Movies for 11 Year Old Kids

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The best part about this list of comedy movies for 11 year old kids is that there truly is something for everyone. There’s the classic buddy comedy in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the parody comedy of Young Frankenstein, and the musical comedy of Hairspray. Which do you think are the best comedy films for 11 year olds?

Good comedy movies for 11 year old kids first and foremost need to be funny for that age group. Eleven years old is an in-between age. Most kids are probably still too young for PG-13 movies, but too old for a lot of the classic animated Disney flicks. These comedies find that appropriate sweet spot; the jokes are not too raunchy and the language is still acceptable for any tween.

Rock out with School of Rock, or go along for the hilarious ride with the first Jamaican Bobsled team in Olympic history with Cool Runnings. Vote up all the top comedy films you think 11 year olds should watch and vote down the movies you think they can skip.


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