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The Best Comedy Movies for 12 Year Old Kids

Updated 11 Oct 2019 209 votes 15 voters42 items

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What comedy films can 12 year old kids watch? They have to be free of gratuitous adult situations and vulgar language, but still, need to have some kind of an edge to them. Move over cutesy animated movies, here are the best comedy films for 12 year olds.

This list of good comedy movies for twelve year old kids has something for everyone. There’s a classic parody film in Airplane!, a fantasy romantic comedy with The Princess Bride, and even a 1950s classic that plays with gender in Some Like It Hot. Those films are all very different, however, they do share one very important common theme. They are all hilarious.

Make your voice heard. Vote up the top comedy films on the list and help determine the funniest movies twelve year olds should watch. Don’t see a funny movie for 12 year olds that made you belly laugh for days? Go ahead and add it to the list.

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