The Greatest Comedy Movie Remakes

As much as everyone loves classic films, it’s good practice to update older movies every once in a while to introduce them to modern audiences. This is especially true when it comes to comedy, where it’s possible for some of the funniest movies to lose their bite when the references grow stale, or completely out of fashion all together. If you’ve ever tried to watch one of your favorite comedies with a younger sibling, you totally know what we’re talking about. This list of comedies that have been remade is the perfect jumping off point for introducing young audiences to your favorite classic comedies.

Remakes tend to get a bad rap in the film community, but it's not clear why. Recently there have been a slew of great franchise reboots and film remakes that have blown movie-goers' socks off (21 Jump Street anyone?), and hopefully it’s making Hollywood rethink their remake model. With the new guard of blockbuster filmmaker who is happy to give reverence to the past, while forging something new with their remake, audiences will get a handful of great comedies that are being remade and are just as funny, if not more so, than the original.

The comedy remake and reboots on this list, are definitely some of the funniest remakes out there. Vote up the comedy film remakes that you think did the original film justice (or even surpassed the original story), and if you think a great comedy reboot is missing, add it to the list!
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