The Best Comedy Movie Sequels

The sequel can be tricky. Some great comedy films are perfect on their own, and a second installment in the franchise just leaves a bad taste in audience's mouths. But the films on this list of the best comedy movie sequels were actually funny (hooray!) and provided fans of the originals with extra laughs, hijinks, and zany fun. More Wayne's World? Yes please! Another crazy vacation with the Griswolds? Sign us up. From these films to the many others on this list of sequels, what are the best comedy movie sequels of all time?

Some movies just don't need a sequel, no matter how much Hollywood wants to make one. But there are some good sequels out there, and many are in the comedy genre as well. From Jim Carrey sequels to Adam Sandler and Mike Meyers film franchises, if you want to watch comedy movies from the funniest comedians, there's a good chance they'll have a sequel to keep you laughing as well!

This comedy movie list features the best comedy sequels including Father of the Bride 2, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Wayne's World 2, Toy Story 2, Hot Shots Part Deux, and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Vote up the best of these follow up comedy films, or, if you don't see the good comedy sequels you think are the greatest of all time below, add them for other movie buffs to vote on as well!
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