The Best Comedy Movies For 13 Year Olds

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The best comedy films for 13 year olds feature several of the funniest movies of all time. These hilarious romps take place in high schools, on the golf course, in the newsroom, and even on the runway. Here are the top comedy films for 13 year olds.

All of the comedies on this list are good movie choices for your new teen. They dance along the edge of adult humor without crossing the line. Even though they aren’t R-Rated, however, many of these films still maintain a hard edge. It’s not just about potty humor, but there’s plenty of that as well.

You can finally help decide the epic battle between Mean Girls versus Clueless. Which Adam Sandler movie are the funniest movies for thirteen year olds? Which Mike Myers character, Austin Powers or Wayne Campbell, is funnier? Vote up the funny movies that are good for 13 year old teens.

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