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The best comedy movies of 2012 kept audiences laughing as they hit the theaters throughout the year. These comedy films feature some of the best and most talented actors as well as witty writing, both of which combined to create comedic blockbusters. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to laugh your butts off with the best comedy movies of 2012.

The 2012 year in comedy movies brought us a number of original movies, adaptations, remakes and sequels. Many of the remakes and sequels got the most buzz, such as the remake of 21 Jump Street, the new installment of Men in Black III and American Reunion, which reunited the American Pie cast for one more adventure. But there were also plenty of original movies and adaptations that entertained viewers all year long.

Butter introduced the highly competitive world of butter sculpting, Friends with Kids showed us a different side of parenting, and For a Good Time, Call... allowed us to live vicariously through two phone sex operators. 2012 also brought us a bevy of hilarious characters such as Ted, a foul-mouthed teddy bear, The Dictator, the latest personality from Sacha Baron Cohen, and the five very different women of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

These comedy films are just a handful of those released in 2012 but highlight the funniest movies of the year. Think one movie is better than the rest? Want to add something not already listed or put this list in your own order? Do all of that and more below on this list of the best 2012 comedy movies.

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21 Jump Street Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube

The All-Time Greatest Comedy Films The Best 3 Piece Bands Of All Time

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Ted Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Reynolds

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The Campaign Will Ferrell, John Goodman, Dan Aykroyd

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Silver Linings Playbook is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
PeteBoyle added Silver Linings Playbook Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper

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The Dictator Megan Fox, Anna Faris, Edward Norton

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Men in Black 3 Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Will Smith

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Pitch Perfect Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Brittany Snow

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American Reunion Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Tara Reid

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Moonrise Kingdom Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton

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Goon Liev Schreiber, Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill

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The Watch Ben Stiller, Willam Belli, Vince Vaughn

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Hotel Transylvania Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler, Snoop Dogg

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ParaNorman is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
Walter Graves added ParaNorman Anna Kendrick, John Goodman, Ariel Winter

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Project X Jimmy Kimmel, Alexis Knapp, Miles Teller

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That's My Boy is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
KingDDK added That's My Boy Adam Sandler, Leighton Meester, Susan Sarandon

The Best R-Rated Sex Comedies 60+ of Your Greatest Childhood Fears

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This is 40 Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy, Paul Rudd

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The Inbetweeners Movie Laura Haddock, Theo James, Belinda Stewart-Wilson

27 36
The Perks of Being a Wallflowe... is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
BriBurke-Carroll added The Perks of Being a Wallflower Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev, Paul Rudd

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Keira Knightley, Steve Carell, Connie Britton

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Olivia Peterman added Bernie Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine

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This Means War is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
wiabux added This Means War Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, Laura Vandervoort

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Walter Graves added Dark Shadows Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloë Grace Moretz

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PeteBoyle added Seven Psychopaths Colin Farrell, Olga Kurylenko, Christopher Walken

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Jeff, Who Lives at Home Susan Sarandon, Jason Segel, Judy Greer

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Here Comes the Boom Salma Hayek, Arianny Celeste, Kevin James

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The Three Stooges Kate Upton, Sofía Vergara, Nicole Polizzi

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Engagement Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt

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What to Expect When You're Expecting Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker

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John Dies at the End is listed (or ranked) 29 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
but chickens double d added John Dies at the End Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Doug Jones

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Friends with Kids is listed (or ranked) 30 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
Friends with Kids Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig

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Wanderlust Jennifer Aniston, Malin Åkerman, Paul Rudd

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Hit & Run Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth

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One for the Money is listed (or ranked) 33 on the list The Best Comedy Movies of 2012
willyboymcoy added One for the Money Katherine Heigl, Debbie Reynolds, Sherri Shepherd