The Best TV Comedies Of 2018

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Everyone both loves and deserves a good laugh, and more often than not, comedy TV can do it for us. The best comedy shows of 2018 are no exception to this notion. From animated series to your classic sitcoms, there's really always something new and funny to watch on TV. While we can always sit and watch our old favorites over and over again, we could all use something new and refreshing, and 2018 brought some funny shows for everyone to enjoy. 

Of all the best comedy shows to drop in 2018, some are obvious top picks. One such no-brainer has to be Glenn Howerton's new show A.P. Bio. The Always Sunny star takes what you think to be just another bad-teacher show and made it something totally original and clever. However, there are plenty of other great comedies to check out. 

Check out the list of comedy series below and vote up the ones you think were best in 2018. Feel free to add your favorites to the list if they aren't there. Then, see what comedies premiered in 2019.

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