The Best New Comedy Shows Of 2022

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The best comedy shows and sitcoms let us laugh no matter what else is going on - while also often being way too relatable, and the best comedy shows of 2022 are ready to make you smile. From dark comedies and dramedies to satisfyingly silly sitcoms, the new comedy TV series premiering in 2022 deliver the laughs.

What are the funniest new shows of 2022? Laughing due to anxious situations is something many folks are familiar with and one of the latest in the subgenre of funny crime-mystery series is The Afterparty - set at a high school reunion afterparty, each episode is the same night from a different character's perspective as hilarity ensues. Unexpected laughs can also be found in the action series Peacemaker, and comedy-dramas such as As We See It. If you're looking for more straightforward laughs, then How I Met Your Father is the How I Met Your Mother sitcom spin-off for you. But the lols don't stop there in 2022, with shows such as Pivoting, Welcome to Flatch, and more.

Check out the 2022 comedy shows and vote up the very best, then see what upcoming comedy series to expect in 2022.

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