The Best Comic Book Animal Companions 

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Saving lives and doing hero stuff is a tough gig. Luckily these comic book animals are able to console their superhero owners after a long day's work. These are the best animal companions found in comic books. Some of these animals even fight crime as much as their superhero owners. But which superpet is the most awesome?

Krypto, who has powers similar to Superman, is probably the most well known superhero animal companion, but did you know Thor has a pet frog or that Lobo has a dog (...but don't tell him that)? Some feline friends have even made their way into the world of comic books. 

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When you think of a superpet, Krypto more than likely is the first to come to mind. He was Superman's pet on Krypton, and like any loyal pet, found his way back to his owner on earth. Krypto has the same abilities as Superman... Lucky dog. (Adventure Comics #293, 1962)
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Photo:  Marvel

Lockheed is an intelligent alien dragon who can fly and project fire, and has a unique connection with X-Men's Kitty Pryde. They first met when the X-Men were captured by the Brood. Kitty made sure to save him when they escaped and named him after a dragon that was in her fairy tale story, which she told to a young Illyana Rasputin to get her to go to sleep. It's hard to recognize Kitty without Lockheed nowadays. (Uncanny X-Men #153, 1981)

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Photo:  Marvel
Lockjaw, who resembles a large bulldog, was infected by the Terrigen Mists, which gave him the abilities to teleport, have super strength, ingest matter, and even predict the future. He's a prominent member of the Inhumans, and acts as the escort to the Royal Family of the Inhumans... and is of course their best friend. (Fantastic Four #45, 1965)
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Zabu, the only known living saber-tooth tiger in the Marvel universe, is the loyal companion and ally to Ka-Zar. Zabu saved Ka-Zar from a group of human Savage Land natives when he was a boy (then known as Kevin Plunder). Zabu was exposed to radioactive mists that gave him near-human intellect. (X-Men #10, 1965)
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