The Best Comic Book Cartoons & Animated Shows

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A lot of children's first introduction to comic book characters come in the form of animated television shows. Sure, nowadays we have big blockbuster films, live-actions shows, and an enormous amount of video games, but many comic book fans today can trace back the origin of the start of their obsession to comic book cartoons.

Some comic book shows liked to do their own thing and create original stories, but some of the most notable shows are the "X-Men" and "Batman" animated shows from the '90s that were as faithful as they could be to the original comic book storylines. 

Not all of them are well received. Shows like "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Beware the Batman" have fans all riled up.

Here we have a list of all the greatest comic book cartoons ever made. We all have our favorites, but which one is the best? That's for all of you to decide. Make sure to vote up all your favorite comic book animated shows. 

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