Total Nerd Comic Book Bars Where You'd Like to Get a Drink  

Rhune Kincaid
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Real life is hard. Sometimes you just need a drink. If you're craving an escape from reality altogether, why not hit up one of the watering holes from your favorite comic books? These are all the comic book bars that may not exist in real life, but you'd definitely hang out in if they did.

From luxurious lounges and dirty dives to tumultuous taverns and pandimensional pubs, these are the best comic book bars to get a pint, a glass, a shot, a cocktail, or even an oil change. That last one's mostly for Transformers, but it's also not that much weirder than the booze you'd find in any bar in Gotham City. Even the seemingly ordinary pubs on this list of bars in comics aren't what they seem. Harry's Hideaway in upstate New York, for example, looks like a quiet bar, except that Wolverine and the X-Men regularly get into brawls there.

Vote up the fictional comic book bars where you'd most like to sit back, relax, enjoy a cocktail, and maybe watch Batman or Daredevil beat the snot out of some bad guys. Just be on your best behavior, or else you might end up in one of the worst comic book jails.

The Hellfire Club

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The Hellfire Club is an exclusive cabal of super-wealthy mutants. If you're influential enough, you might get invited to one of their hedonistic galas to be served expensive drinks by scantily clad servers. Or if you're Wolverine, you can slash and disembowel your way up to the penthouse from all the way down in the sewers.
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The Iceberg Lounge

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You actually probably wouldn't want to spend much time in this Gotham bar since it's full of henchmen and operated by the Penguin, a notorious mob boss. Still, if you want to sip a cocktail and maybe catch a glimpse of Batman punching some hoodlum's lights out, it's your best bet.
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The Bad Guy Bar

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This Chicago bar that is frequently ripped up by Savage Dragon doesn't really have a name. That probably makes sense since the giant green finhead's chronic barroom brawling habits decimate the place on a regular basis. If you're a fan of barroom brawls, this is the bar you go to when you want guaranteed fisticuffs.
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Nemedian Tavern

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Conan the Barbarian is too much of a rambler to commit to just one bar, but since he spends his entire nomadic existence in and out of taverns, he deserves a spot on this list. His carousing kicks off in the Nemedian Tavern in Kurt Busiek's 2000s comic book reboot. Seemingly every tavern in Conan is populated by topless tavern wenches who have nothing to do with the story. If you hit on them instead of the main characters, your chances are bound to improve.
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