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What Are The Best Superhero Movie Casts Ever Assembled?

7 May 2020 623 votes 74 voters20 items

List RulesVote up the superhero movies that assembled truly next-level casts.

It isn't hyperbole to say we're in the Golden Age of superhero cinema. Where once Adam West and Burt Ward slipped on ill-fitting pajamas and pretended to shimmy up fake buildings, now Disney produces multi-million-dollar Avengers films that rake in several billion more.

With due respect to Misters West and Ward, the era of superhero films didn't really begin with 1966's Batman. That honor goes to 1978's Superman: The Movie starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, and Academy Award-winner Marlon Brando. These actors lent the film a sense of legitimacy that later franchises sought to emulate, and now every superhero film is headlined by A-listers. Vote up the greatest ensembles below.

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