The Best New Comic Book Shows Of 2022

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The best comic book shows inject life into beloved characters and stories, and the best comic book shows of 2022 are no exception. From the big two continuing their expanded universes to shows that have nothing to do with the DECU or MCU, the new comic book TV series premiering in 2022 are heroically good.

DC comic book shows came out of the gate ahead in 2022 with two superhero shows, Peacemaker airing early in January. Comic book shows like Heartstopper by Alice Oseman - also show that comic books are about more than superheroes, with its sweet coming-of-age romance. The anime FreakAngels is a little different, in that its based on a webcomic - but it's 2022, and the difference between something that was published online before it became a physical book is getting thin.

Vote up the best new comic book series that are airing for the first time in 2022 and see where your new favorites rank.