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The Best Comic Book & Superhero Shows of All Time

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List of the best superhero TV shows - only the greatest television series about superheroes in the history of the television. The animated renditions of some of our favorite comic books rank high up here with the live action versions. It is only fair to include the best of the Batman television series, no matter what decade.

There have been what feels like millions of reincarnations of superhero TV shows since the beginning of the box itself. It is up to you whether The New Adventures of Superman beats the old Adventures of Superman. People are anticipating the exciting Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so it is fitting to look back, and look around, to past and current comic book shows that brought our superheroes into our living rooms and off of the printed page. The Flash seemed to have a pretty big effect on Mark Wahlberg and his teddy bear in Ted, after all. And if you like these shows, check out our list of the best new superhero series.

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