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The Best Comic Book Based Video Games

Updated June 14, 2019 20.5k votes 1.8k voters 36.1k views158 items

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Video games are about the closest you can get to becoming someone else, you know, without all the surgery and name changing to be done. And who would you rather be than a superhero. These are the best video games based on comic book superheroes of all time. 

Video games have evolved since the days of Atari and the first Nintendo, but some may argue that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES (one of the classics) is the best. Recently, Batman has taken the video game community by storm with his Arkham games all on his own. Most notably Batman: Arkham City, which allows you to fight off the evil Joker (amongst others) in a rundown part of Gotham City. 

Now, you get to decide which comic book superhero video games are the absolute best. Make sure to vote up the ones you love, and vote down the ones that don't even deserve to be on this list. If you see your favorite comic book video game missing, make sure to add it.