The 20 Best Comic Book Covers of the '90s

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Your favorite comic book covers from the 1990s.

You can't judge a book by it's cover — usually. Unless it's a comic book. The beauty and awesomeness of a comic book's cover is just a preview of the greatness inside. And when it comes to comic book covers, the 1990s were chockfull of intense imagery, gritty characters, and endless variants. The '90s were one of the darkest times in comic history, with countless alternate covers, over printing, and needless mini-series and one-shots, but some great covers (and plenty of not-so-great) were spawned in this decade. What are the best comic book covers from the '90s?

Often, you can judge a comic book by its cover, especially when the same artist is handling the interiors as well. Comic book cover art is its own specialized form of entertainment. You need to catch the eye of the reader and show some of what's going on within the book's pages, all while not giving too much away.

The 100 most awesome comic book covers from the 1990s on this list all do just that. Cast your votes for the greatest comic book covers of the '90s — those covers that had you captivated before you even turned a page.

Photo: Marvel Comics