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Post-credits scenes have gotten to be so popular in movies they've actually changed the settings in most theaters so that the lights stay down until all credits have rolled. In fact, post-credits scenes have become so popular that some films now have two: one mid-credits, then another after all the credits have rolled.

In the case of Marvel, they have done a marvelous job of making these stingers matter, usually hinting at an important character (Incredible Hulk) or out and out revealing them for the first time (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) or just a small fun nod to the fans (Guardians of the Galaxy). No matter what it is, fans clamor to know what's going to be revealed, and what that might mean for the future of the Marvel Film Universe, so much so that the after credits scene is sometimes more important to people than the movie the credits are for!

Which are the best of all these scenes that have shaped the world of comic book movies? Vote up the best comic movie post credit scenes below, the scenes that most shocked and amazed fans and expanded story lines in unexpected ways.
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This after credits scene really got the fans going. It introduced the idea of a shared universe, which was beyond crazy when this came out, and people lost their minds at the idea. Just the word "Avengers" had the fans in a tizzy.

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Guardians of the Galaxy ended and was quickly followed by this much talked about scene involving Drax and a dancing Groot. This gloriousness was meant to be a tag for the very end of the credits, but according to director James Gunn, it was moved so none of the audience would miss it. This scene became so popular that fans starting making their own homemade dancing Groots.

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The Avengers (2)

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The mid-credit stinger is quick, but powerful, and offers the first peek at Thanos.
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This was a big one. As Wolverine is going through a metal detector we see:

1) The first sign of Trask Industries which ties into both the Sentinels and the Days of Future Past movie.

2) How Wolverine gets away with flying (the good ol' opt out "pat-down").

3) Sir Ian Mckellen's Magneto for the first time in years (since X-Men: The Last Stand broke our spirits).

4) How Xavier come back from the dead... which is NEVER EXPLAINED!

5) Xavier and Magneto working together, something that shows even non-comic book readers who don't know Days of Future Past that big stuff is about to go down. 

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