The Best Superhero Movie Posters

Movie posters are fine art and comic book movies are no exception. The poster has so many more jobs than most people realize. It has to sell the movie without the benefit of a trailer. It has to present the cast, pitch what the film's about, and show some action all while not spoiling too much. And we all know with superheroes everyone has a very specific take on his or her favorite hero.

Needless to say the superhero film poster has had its ups and downs in the 40 odd years they've been making comic book movie blockbusters. It's amazing to look back at how posters have changed from the simplicity of showing a man could fly back in the '70s with Superman. Then into the '80s with the dark and gritty Batman. The '90s continued to be dark but we started branching out into more and more heroes like The Mask, The Crow, Spawn, and Blade. Finally in the early 2000s we had the X-Men and Spider-Man films which really pushed the superhero explosion to where it lives today. (Obviously Iron Man in '08 brought us the dawn of Marvel Studios's current box office heavy weight champ in not just comic book films, but... well all movies.)

Enjoy this look back at the best superhero movie posters of all time! Not all of them could make the cut, and excluding some wasn't easy so vote up your favorites below to find out which is the greatest superhero poster ever!